Carbon, Concrete [Publication]

Carbon, Concrete [Second Edition]

Carbon, Concrete is Brendan Brooks’ first publication,
released in March 2023 at age 21. The book itself
was shot over a period of nearly seven years, and was
acquired by the Detroit Institute of Arts, and placed into
the permanent collection in April of 2023.

This photobook acts as an early retrospective,
consisting of over 250 photographs documenting
Brooks’ earliest ambitions as a photographer in the Midwest.
Beginning with images captured at the age of 16, 
these images narrate the barren and mundane landscapes
of rural Michigan, portraits of those impacted by the
cycle of drug use, and fleeting moments that were  
taken between stolen film cameras, burner phones,
and his first pawned DSLR. 

“Carbon, Concrete shifts tones throughout the book,
beginning with an airy summer and leading into a
darker, drug-infused environment, filled with hazy
smoke-filled conditions that are representative of
my life throughout my late teenage years. It later
transforms into a illustration of my love for fashion
photography, which I pursued while obtaining my
BFA at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit,

Orders close 16 April, 2024.
280 pages, printed on 100lb satin paper on HP Indigo
45 USD